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In basic pack You will find all files needed for Better Grass (grass on side of blocks, making green hills), Better Snow (snow under fence and levers), Connected Textures (bigger textures for blocks of same type standing next to each other like one big window in place of window made from glass panels), Custom Animations (most blocks items and GUI can be animated), Custom Colors (other colors for biomes, light etc.), HD Fonts (custom font support), HD Textures (textures bigger than 16x16 with no glitches), Natural Textures (getting rid of patterns from some of textures) More Paintings (more paintings design with easier choise of wanted one) and Random Mobs (more skins for monsters and animals) addons. Base pack have only custom animations for water, lava fire and portal, other animations are in addon.

Full support
Mods that have all possible textures available.
  • Better Grass - included in base pack.
  • Better Snow - included in base pack.
  • HD Fonts - included in base pack.
  • Natural Textures - included in base pack.

Limited support
Mods that have some textures available, mostly independent of MOD version.
  • Connected Textures - included in base pack.
  • Custom Animations - included in base pack.
  • Custom Colors - included in base pack.
  • More Paintings Xtreme Edition v2.1.1 - included in base pack.
  • Random Mobs - included in base pack.

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