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Base pack contain textures for vanilla Minectaft with Better Glass, Better Grass/Snow, Better Skies, Connected Textures Mod (CTM), Custom Animations (water, lava, portal), Custom Colors, HD Fonts, HD Textures and RandomMobs.

Developer pack is separate download if You want manually install other versions of textures. You may also visit MinecraftCustomiser, where base pack is already mixed with additional textures. You can easly select witch textures exacly You want to use in Your set.

You need to get base pack from Customizer or link below and merge it with addon pack(s) files to have FULL package of stuff.
If You downloaded this texture pack from other source it may be outdated, and for sure is not legal - please send me a message with information about download source.

Current version.
Base pack
32x32 for MineCraft 1.4.7

Developer pack
All textures from SWC32, needs graphic editor to use in base pack.

Old versions Back to top.
SW Combine v1.4.7.23
32x32 for MineCraft 1.4.7
SW Combine v4
32x32 for MineCraft 1.2.5
MandoCraft v16
64x64 for MineCraft 1.2.5

MandoCraft v9
128x128 for MineCraft 1.0.0

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