Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs licence

This texture pack (pack, textures, other files) is available under Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs licence ( By the terms of this licence all texture pack content are property of Szymon "Xun Vixx" Kurzacz (Owner, Author) or other Authors who granted permissions to use their property in this pack. By default only source of distribution are places defined by Owner witch are: SWCombine 32x Texturepack site (, MinecraftCustomizer ( and any other place where Author personally post it on. It is FORBIDDEN to post this pack in any other place (no mirrors, no re-posting) as whole or in parts. Using URL shorteners and any other way to gain money or other profits is strictly forbidden (no etc. until it's post of Owner).

In adition for personal use You are free to: modify, upload videos or screenshots, write reviews, but You need to give clear credit (Owner and pack names) with link to main pack website ( You can use parts of this pack in Your work as long as You will give clear credit with link and not gain profits (including money) from use of that content and any of textures from this pack will not be available on other way as video or screenshot from Your work (using this textures), whoever You may get stand-alone agreement for use chosen textures in other way, as long as they are owned by Author.

All stuff in this texture pack is made by Szymon "Xun Vixx" Kurzacz, with some exceptions - some textures are used with agreement of their authors for use and/or modifications or are freely donated to pack. All permissions and grants for use are listed below and full list of contributors is listed in documentary on pack website (

Above paragraphs are inspired by Glimmar's important terms of use from his Steampunk 32x texture pack (

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