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StarWars Combine 32x is (quite) realistic texture pack for Minecraft game. Inspired by Star Wars saga and few other photoreal and/or Star Wars themed texture packs. SWC32x is also direct continuation of MandoCraft texture pack. In future i will add support for many MODs in SWC32x, but for now only CTM is supported in limited way. All additional textures for MODs will be available to download in separate addon packs listed in "Supported MODs" under "Download".
It's extremly hard to generate realistic looking sci-fi world when You change look of fantasy/middle-age items, maintaining at least some functionality of existing items, not to mention square world. One of possible solutions is to manage to get as as many textures as possible for single block and give people choice (customizer), but main pack will always be my personal choice for each available texture. For example, I do not use cacti often in defence form, so they look for me more like landmarks or purely decorative items, so I may use them as moisture vaporators from Tatooine planet of Star Wars saga. But using them in pure defensive way will look then odd, so it may be leaved as cacti or other mechanical stuff that may make damage to trespassers. Other example includes variety of wool uses. Some may want use wool as metal or some starship panels or even something diffrent, but it still be made with string and cut from sheeps, so that does not look very reallistic, but is acceptable if wool texture is not very strange - like basic, not agressive looking, colored metal plates.
I've began making this pack with 128x128 resolution and made textures from public images available in Internet, I also used textures from few other texturepacks up to MandoCraft v9, witch was first public relase of my textures. Versions 0-8 were only for private use, so any mixes of textures were available to me. Now all textures are made by me or or i have all rights to use them in any form. Altough some ideas stayed same with older texturepacks (like moisture vaporators). Main idea was to have textures in world as pure as possible in terms of Minecraft base idea - so swords stayed swords or melee weapons etc. Some things got futuristic textures based on Star Wars, some got pure futuristic look. SWC32x is not SW only, it's more SW-a-like, or with elements of that clearly visible. I will try to avoid any other Sci-Fi themes like Halo or Star trek etc. and stay as much as possible in Star Wars Universe.
Full power of this pack will be available, when You will play with at least some of MODs like Technic Mod Pack or Direwolf20 pack from Feed The Beast. Many mods add simmilar stuff so be prepared to have multiple furnances that look and function in simmilar way, or swords for example...

INFO: All dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format.
SUPPORT: This texture pack is available free of charge. If You want support author in any way - download files by using "adf.ly" links (after few seconds click in "skip ad" in top-right corner), in any other case use "direct" link.
LEGAL NOTICE: All names and other registered stuff belongs to their respective owners and is used for imformational way or in private and noncommercial way.

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