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The Star Wars Combine is a game set in the Star Wars Universe. The game has been online since 1998 and although it is technically a browser game, it sees itself rather as an MMORPG. It is programmed and run entirely by volunteers, so playing is free. There are no monthly charges and no premium features that are restricted to players who register a paid account.

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The game is player driven, all roles - from the emperor or commander of the Rebel Alliance to the fighter pilots - are open for player characters. Combat is not implemented yet*, but the player driven economy offers many options to mine, trade or build cities, facilities and stations.

Any new player can create their individual character selecting from various skills and more than 50 different races from Star Wars (Wookies, Twi'leks etc). They can then join an existing group - from the infamous Empire to less famous smaller production, trading or even pirate groups - and later found their own company.

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There are more than 5,000 planets that can be explored and colonised. Player characters can own their own ships, vehicles, buildings, cities or even companies. Also player groups ("factions") can be owners of anything, setting the Star Wars Combine apart from alliances and guilds in many other similar games.

The Star Wars Combine offers many roles to choose from and thus allows the player to not only live their own dream of being whatever they want in the Star Wars universe, but also to adapt the game to their favoured style of play, playing the game as more of an adventure, a strategy game, a business sim, or just enjoying the lively community of like minded gamers and Star Wars fans.

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Despite the current lack of combat the Star Wars Combine offers a complexity and variety rather unusual for free browser games. If you like Star Wars, you should really give it a go at http://www.swcombine.com.

* - Combat is currently under heavy development and is available in single star system as early beta version. During testing time death is turned off, You can shoot or get wounded but You will always stay with 1hp left.

The Star Wars Combine is an online game. Its purpose is to bring fun to the players by offering them a universe that they may immerse themselves in and forget, for a while, their real lives.

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The Star Wars Combine is massive. Its purpose is to welcome and gather thousands of players inside the same game, creating an extremely rich gaming environment. The multitude of players generates an unlimited quantity of interactions between them. (Over 300 logged players same time and over 3500 active accounts used within last week. - Xun Vixx)

The Star Wars Combine is about role-playing. When playing the Combine, the end-users are not only playing an avatar inside the universe; but also they are investing a part of themselves into what they would dream to be if they were living in the Star Wars universe.

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The Star Wars Combine is a simulation. A simulation is the partial implementation of existing mechanisms, from physics to economy, including politics, engineering, logic, and even socialization.

The Combine is about Star Wars. The Combine is developed by Star Wars fans, for Star Wars fans. The purpose is to provide a Star Wars universe where fans may dream.

SWC gameplay screenshot

The Star Wars Combine is a free game. Free for the end-users, free for the players, but this does not mean the Combine does not have to face financial charges. There are costs associated to such a project: financial costs as well as time investments.

Finally, the Combine is developed by amateurs during their spare time. The entire project is only developed as side activity by some Star Wars fans. This particularity will have to be taken into consideration during the development phase.

(this text was taken from the Star Wars Combine Strategic Overview)

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